Writings List

An Introduction to Retro Homebrew
      My senior thesis for my professional writing major. It studied retro videogame homebrewing communities. I tested the user interface and documentation featured on NESDEV.com to evaluate how friendly the user experience was to a beginner in NES programming.

A Beginner's Guide To Sound Recording and Editing
      A tutorial written in Framemaker about basic sound effect creation using a Zoom H1 portable recorder. I created this document for a technical writing class. It's intended audience was college students, resulting in me writing with a more causual tone compared to other writing samples on this page.

How Will the New Definition of Autism Affect Those In Need of Services?
      A news article I wrote for a journalism writing course at WPI. It explored how in 2012, the American Psychiatric Association's redefinitions of autism would affect support to affected families.

Videogame Addiction, Misunderstood
      In this essay, I explore the problem of videogame addiction, and the innovative solution to game addiction by using gamification of society to channel what makes games so addicting in order to better everyday life.