Sound Effects Libraries

Delightful Ravers Sound Effect Library
One class at WPI tasked me with developing a massive sound effects library with a partner. We worked tirelessly for the full seven weeks of the course recording, mixing, and splicing sounds of all kinds to produce in the end a library of over 100 sounds. All are free to use.

Tennebris Locus Sound Effect Library
The following sounds were created for a game called Tennebris Locus; a short science fiction action game. I was tasked with designing the entire soundscape and all the sound effects for the game. I don't mind if you use them for your own projects, but credit to me would be appreciated.

Featured Music

Although not my main focus, I also compose music from time to time. The following are some of my personal favorite pieces.
Theme of Bardo
Theme of Todd
Bass Off
Space Moog
Continuum Soundtrack