Blissfully Bouncy

Blissfully Bouncy is an infinite runner/platformer with no jump button. It was released for Google Play and iTunes in early 2017. Click the icon for the Google Play version. Click here to view it on iTunes.. I made the game almost entirely by myself. Everything including but not limited to the project planning, art, animation, sound, programming, and publishing process were handled by me directly.

Project Rabbit

How deep does the rabbit hole go? Project Rabbit is my senior project from WPI. I lead the project with one other student assisting the programming and music, and worked with two advisors. All art and animation with the exception of a brief teleportation sequence was created by me. This game is the first I have created for what is intended to be a long running series. Click the icon to download the desktop version (Windows). Click here to play in your web browser.

Green Spider

Green Spider was created with the perlenspiel game engine for Digital Game Design I at WPI. The challenge for this assignment was to design a game within a 16x16 grid. It was programmed by me with assistance from my project partner Julian Sullivan in Javascript. As a final touch, I designed the color scheme and created about half the levels in this game.